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Elevating Beyond with Mark Minard

Sep 11, 2017

He's the Executive Producer of the ground breaking film with Joel Osteen, Darren Hardy, Zig Ziglar, & Jim Rohn, Words of Art... Listen as Mark sits down with Evan Money, sharing the incredible story behind the story of how he connected with Joel Osteen to be in his movie; as well as, what is The Crap Cup, and how it's a game changer to your business, finances, sex life in marriage, and so much more! Evan Money is the #1 Best Selling Author of Money Talks, Negativity Walks, which you can buy on amazon and at your favorite book store, co-founder of The Personal Growth Hall of Fame, Executive Producer of Words of Art, and so much more! Connect with Evan Money Here: & Check Out His Ground Breaking Film, Words of Art, Here Grab His #1 Best Selling Book, Money Talks, Negativity Walks, Here, Connect with host Mark Minard, learn about our upcoming live events, Minutes with Millionaires Full Video, Creating a Wealth Mindset & Massive Action Guide, mastermind, at Want a chance to be a featured guest on Elevating Beyond!? Submit your story here Check Out Mark's New #1 Best Sellers, Leadership & Success Truth Bombs Here on Amazon 3T/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1504824452&sr=8-6&keywords=mark+minard Check Out Mark's New Best Selling Illustrated Comic Book, Persevering The Wide Open Seas of Doubt, A PARABLE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP here Check Out Mark's Best Selling Book, The Story Of YOU, Transforming Adversity Into Adventure, Taking Your Dreams To The Next Level & Beyond, Connect with Mark Minard: Facebook Twitter Instagram Linked In